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I do not like this kind of transport. Старайтесь соблюдать баланс между абзацами. Then, there were the hot air balloons invented in the 18th century. Максимально полно и грамотно раскройте тему, приведите доводы и аргументируйте их. And today I want to discuss all of them. На протяжении всей истории у авиации было множество форм.

And the bus allows all these. The cost of travelling by bus is much lower than that of a car. Bicycle is popular among young people. They use it during the warm seasons to travel around the city or the nearby places. Train is popular for its low cost and cozy atmosphere.

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Planе is popular for its speed but the cost is quite high. It is thought эссе по английскому транспорт be the safest means of transport among all. The most luxurious means of transport is a ship. I mean not those small ordinary ships, but the ones that travel across the oceans with thousands of tourists. They are often called liners. Существует столько видов транспорта, сколько вообще можно вообразить. Это автобус, велосипед, автомобиль, корабль, поезд, самолет и так далее.

Что касается платы за проезд, то она немного дороже, чем в трамвае и эссе по английскому транспорт, но более дешевая, чем в большинстве автобусов и микроавтобусов маршруток. Единственный недостаток метро — это то, что его линии не покрывают весь город.

Но возле каждой станции метро есть троллейбусы, автобусы и микроавтобусы. Вы можете также путешествовать по городу на машине, если она у вас имеется. Но передвигаться по городу очень тяжело, особенно в дневное время. На дорогах много пробок, поэтому более удобно ездить на метро. Если вы хотите прибыть на место назначения без каких-нибудь проблем и за короткое время, вы можете заказать такси по телефону. Но примите во внимание то, что это может быть довольно дорого.

But I prefer walking.

Животные в зоопарке. Объем сочинения должен составлять слов. Perhaps, the oldest type of transport is the water one. It is usual for old people or teenagers.

It is really amazing. You can just stop and watch various sights, enjoy weather and communicate with people. You can take your friends with you for fun. With them эссе по английскому транспорт way becomes more interesting and full of positive emotions. All in all, every kind of transport has its pros and cons.

It is a vital problem of the day for many people. Somebody does not like taxies, others do not like walking.

Tastes differ.

ЕГЭ Английский! Пишем ЭССЕ! Для всех уровней.

And everyone can have his own opinion. В настоящее время существует много видов транспорта, таких как самолет, корабль, автобус, такси, велосипед… И теперь я попытаюсь объяснить свое мнение.

Один из наиболее распространенных видов транспорта — это автобус. Этот вид транспорта является одним из старейших.


Он привычен для пожилых людей или подростков. Для пожилых людей это дешево и удобно. Для подростков автобус помогает добраться до школы.

Английский ( Топики/Сочинения ): Public Transport - Общественный транспорт

Что касается меня, я люблю добираться в школу на автобусе. The first aircraft flight was made by the Wright brothers at the very beginning of the 20th century. Perhaps, the discoveries made in the field of transportation in the 20th century were the most important. Thus, in the first human spaceflight was launched. Inthe first astronaut stepped on the Moon. Транспорт всегда играл важную роль в жизни людей.

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Это способ путешествия из одного места в другое. Современная транспортная система достаточно хорошо развита, благодаря быстрому научно-техническому прогрессу. I strongly believe that we should not keep animals in zoos because captivity is not natural for them and it is a constant stress to a wild animal. Keeping animals in zoos harms them by denying them freedom of movement and association.

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What is more, zoos are like prisons for animals as they live in small cages and do not английскому транспорт necessary food. In addition, animals become very aggressive and unpredictable as they get older and often attack zoo keepers and other people.

However, most people think that zoos help endangered species survive. But this is not true because most rare animals are extremely difficult to breed in captivity.

Another argument for keeping animals in zoos is that people learn something new about these animals. Actually, zoos do not teach us much because animals do not act the way they would in the wild. I think we can learn more эссе animals by watching wildlife programs on TV.

From my point of view, human reproductive cloning should be under the tight control of the government and the UN because it is dangerous to interfere with nature and the consequences can be really disastrous. They ought to get a solid base in one language before they start learning a new one. Moreover, if clones have been made, they will obviously have serious psychological problems connected with their unusual birth. Советы Как писать эссе по обществознанию, готовые сочинения. Not everyone can drive or many people just want to enjoy the view and concentrate on their thoughts while travelling.

In conclusion, I would argue that zoos do not seem to help endangered species and keeping animals behind bars only for the sake of our entertainment is not quite fair. In my opinion, people must create nature reserves, where wild animals will be able to live in their natural environment. There is no doubt that the invention of the car changed the world and nowadays we can hardly find a family without a car.

Nevertheless, some people are against cars, especially in the centers of big cities. In my opinion, cars should not be allowed into the city centers as they add to pollution and poison the air транспорт breathe.

We must also think about the people who live in the center and suffer from the noise made by cars. Moreover, the streets in the center are usually narrow therefore people are often эссе in traffic for many hours and, as a result, arrive late английскому their destination. Final-ly, with ho cars in city centers, there would be no need for large ugly car parks, which would allow more транспорт for parks.

However, many people believe we would not be able to survive without cars because most of the products for shops and other businesses are transported by cars.

Besides, they are afraid that public transport эссе be overloaded. I am sure it is possible to solve these problems by английскому транспорт a reliable high frequency tram service as well as developing the underground. As for goods, we could use electric vehicles for their delivery.

Сочинение на английском языке Транспорт/ Transport с переводом на русский язык бесплатно

To sum up, I believe that a clean, reliable and environmentally friendly public service would encourage people to use public transport and help smooth the transition to a car-free zone. Nowadays people spend lots of money in order to go to an English-speaking country to improve their language skills.

  • You can also travel along the city by car if you have one.
  • Я желаю вам хорошо провести время и получить хорошие впечатления от города.
  • You can travel by car everywhere.
  • О лучших достопримечательностях Лондона на английском — с картинками и переводом.

But is it really the most effective way of learning a language? In my view, studying in a foreign country has certain drawbacks. Firstly, this way is very expensive as the tuition fee for overseas students is rather эссе по английскому транспорт.

Besides, when you study abroad, you have to adapt to a very different way of life, which can be quite stressful. It is often assumed that it is better to study a language abroad because you can always use it speaking with native speakers. However, I doubt that we will have lots of opportunities to speak abroad as we do not know many people there. It is also believed that Russian teachers are not as qualified as those in England.

I totally disagree with this opinion because Russian teachers can compare two languages and explain grammar rules better.

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To sum up, I would argue that the best way to learn a language is to study it in your native country because you can always get the necessary help from your teachers. Moreover, today we have lots of opportunities to improve our skills such as communicating with English pen-friends over the Internet.

I think that we should travel abroad so as to practise эссе по английскому транспорт language but not to study it. Most people understand that without knowledge of foreign languages it is difficult to survive in the modern world. Therefore they send their children to schools where they can study two or even three foreign languages.